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This app allows the capture of Arbeits--, breaks and free periods.
It is suitable especially for those who work regularly in split shifts and must perform hours of exercise books.

It includes currently three working models:
- Flat-rate monthly hours
    Very simple model to capture the pure working hours.
    For the calculation of the fixed times of day 21 working days per month will be accepted.

- The 7-day week (default)
    for the calculation of the times I was on the collective labor agreement
    the Swiss hotel and restaurant industry (L-GAV) oriented

- The 6-day week
    only working days (Mon. - Sat.) are taken into account for calculating the target hours
    marked and Sun as Free day

- The 5-day week
    Only working days (Mon. - Fri.) account for calculating the target hours
    and Saturday, Sunday marked as Free day

Absences (vacation, sick, accident, school, parental leave, etc.):
    These times can be determined whether they
       - To be deducted from the target hours (default)
       - To be deducted from the working days (default)
       - To be added as an effective hours on working
       - To be added as a lump sum on working hours
             - Is only entered one layer, an entire day will be counted
             - The difference between working time and set time is also entered work is entered
             - Two different absences entered half a day is ever expected

- Management of working hours of several jobs
- Acquiring working hours and free time into two shifts per working day
- Capturing of use, expenses, traveled routes and daily notes (all optional)
- Add paid overtime (optional)
- Weekly, monthly and annual summaries
- Storing and shipping of these summaries as a CSV file or as a PDF file
- Backup of the database in the phone memory / on your SD card

To generate the PDF files the open source version of "PDFjet" ( is used.

Thanks to & dr. Web for Human Pictos.

Rights Required.
- Write files to store the monthly reports and database backups

This app has no advertising.

Please note that I am not responsible for the correct functioning of the software or the input / calculated times.

Please in case of malfunctions or other oddities contact me, I will look for a solution. For a bad review then is still time.

What's new

Version 1.11.55
- Anzeige der Wochennummern und Wochenzusammenfassung korrigiert
(betrifft nur Geräte mit sehr langen Display)



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